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The following lists provide many sources of information that may be of use to you. Click on the links to the upper right for information on local lodging and florists. Listed below are U.S. government websites for veterans benefits and the Social Security Administration. Information with regard to life insurance is also provided. Please contact us if you have a special need that the resources listed here do not address.


VA Benefits: www.va.gov
VA Burial Benefits: www.cem.va.gov
Service Records: Get Service Records
Survivor Benefits: Survivor Benefits


Social Security

Social Security Benefits
Social Security Survivor Benefits
Understanding Social Security Benefits


GI Insurance

Contact the Veterans Service Officer for G.I. Insurance, 1-800-669-8477.



Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System
Railroad Retirement Board


Insurance Search

When someone dies, family members often remember previous discussions of life insurance, but can't find the policy or any record of it. Now, there's a way to track down a lost or misplaced life insurance policy, FOR FREE. Write to:

Policy Search Dept. of the American Council of Life Insurance
1001 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20004

Include as many details as you know. The deceased's birth date, place of residence, and maiden name (if appropriate), etc. The council will send this information to 150 insurance companies to check if they issued a policy to such a person.


Other Insurance Issues

Notify other insurance companies or local agents on policies held on the deceased. Check coverage of home, at place of employment, auto medical coverage, union, health and accident, life insurance, credit accounts such as Wards and Sears which might have death coverage, bank accounts, credit unions, etc.


Other National Links

Kentucky Health & Family Services

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