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Often it is necessary to deal with many items after a death, and sometimes it may be difficult to remember everything that must be done. We hope the following list may help.

  • Send acknowledgement Cards for Flowers, Memorial Donations, Food, Spiritual Remembrances
  • Transfer of Real Estate Properties
  • Apply for Widowed Person Exemption
  • Apply for Homestead & Disabilities Exemption
  • Notify Insurance Companies and File Claims
    • Life Insurance
    • Medical, Health, Disability, Travel & Accident
    • Retirement Benefits & Annuities
    • Homeowners
    • Car Insurance
    • Change Survivors Beneficiary
    • Apply for Appropriate Benefits
  • Social Security Survivors Benefits
  • Veterans Burial & Survivors Benefits
  • Pension Benefits (Contact spouse's place of employment
  • Workmen's Compensation Benefits
  • Civil Service
  • Railroad Retirement
  • Notify Stockbroker
    • Change Ownership of Joint or Solely Owned Stocks
    • IRA and Retirement Accounts
    • Transfer Bonds
    • Mutual or other Funds
  • Notify Bank
    • Change all jointly held Accounts
    • Cancel Direct Deposit Benefits Payment
    • Re-establish Safe Deposit Box
    • Re-establish all outstanding Mortgages, Personal Notes, etc.
    • Apply for Credit Life Insurance which may exist on Loans, Credit Card & Mortgages
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • IRA
  • Notify Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Transfer Titles of all Registered Vehicles
    • Cancel Driver's License
  • Cancel Voter Registration
  • Notify all Credit Card Account Companies
    • Apply for Credit Life Insurance
    • Cancel all individually held Credit Card Accounts of the Deceased
    • Change all jointly held Accounts
  • Notify Attorney/Accountant/Tax Consultant
    • If a Will must be probated
    • If your Will needs to be revised
    • For Income Tax Purposes
  • Advanced Planning/Pre-Arrangement
    You may consider Planning in Advance. Pre-arranging a funeral seems to be very helpful for many families It's an effective way to put your wishes in writing.
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