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Paul Croley - 1957

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As a young man of 15, Paul Croley started his career in the funeral business working for Evan Pennington at the Pennington Funeral Home in Williamsburg, Kentucky doing small jobs in and around the business. He continued his love for the funeral business until he was called to serve his country in World War II.

Once he was discharged from the Army he married Edna Owens, on October 19, 1947 a Whitley County school teacher in his hometown of Williamsburg. He continued his career in the funeral industry by graduating the Kentucky School of Mortuary Science in 1949 in Louisville, Kentucky. He and Edna had one son, Jerry Wayne Croley (the present owner) that same year.

Paul and his family moved to Clinton, TN in 1949 - 1950 to work for Holly Funeral Home for a short stay. Paul and his family moved back to Williamsburg to work for Ellison Funeral Home from 1950 to 1952. They then moved to Corbin, Kentucky where he was a partner with Alvia Vankirk and Everett Ridner at the Kincad Funeral Home, which is know Vankirk - Grissell Funeral Home. In November 1953 Paul was elected Whitley County Tax Commissioner and was re-elected in 1957; he served in that post from 1954 through 1962.

Croley Funeral Home Circa 1954

In June of 1954 Paul and his wife, Edna, established the Croley Funeral Home at its current location in Williamsburg, Kentucky. Paul continued to provide the best service until his untimely death in 1967 at the age of 39.

After Paul's death Edna received her Funeral Directors license and continued to run the family business and to teach until Jerry graduated from the Kentucky Mortuary School in 1971. Jerry has continued to provide the best service in the Williamsburg - Whitley County area with his son Jerry Andrew Croley, a third generation funeral director.

Croley Funeral Home Today

Our Guarantee

Keeping your confidence and fulfilling your trust is our deepest commitment. We do this by excelling in our service to families, our service to the community, providing helpful resources, and continuing the support after the funeral service. For over 50 years, we have been committed to provide quality personal attention to all our families we serve. We at Croley Funeral Home are dedicated to fulfill the wishes and needs of the families we serve. Our abilities will continue to allow families to have a meaningful and unique personalized service for years to come.

Jerry and J. Andrew Croley

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